The Company


Cortland Associates is a value-based investment management firm with more than $900 million under management. Cortland is dedicated to providing superior investment results, as well as comprehensive and steadfast client services. Well over half of the firm’s assets are from clients who have been with Cortland for more than a decade. This is a testament to the investment results achieved, the service level provided, and the integrity of the firm. 


William M. Carey, President & Chief Investment Officer and Thomas Podlesny, Chief Operating Officer, have been business partners for more than two decades. They alone have been responsible for Cortland’s investment record and remain the management core to this day. 

Cortland’s management creates all investment analysis and final decisions. However, Cortland’s managers employ inputs from company executives, competitors, suppliers, industry experts, as well as ancillary Wall Street research.

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Cortland also relies heavily on its advisory board, which is comprised primarily of value-based investment managers on various business platforms, including hedge funds, private equity, traditional investment management, and distressed credit partnerships. Other advisory board members have outstanding executive experience as officers of private and public companies. Cortland also benefits from the macroeconomic perspective of its board member, Jerry Jordan, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and former member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. 

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